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Goodbye Christy

Leaving my baby: 5 years of joy working with CASCAPE

I will never forget my first meeting with dr Eyasu in Addis Ababa in 2010. In the lobby of a hotel we realized we had a similar view on soil fertility and the importance of it for the development of agriculture in Ethiopia. This meeting embarked the start of a long and fruitful collaboration which resulted in a beautiful project with 60 devoted staff members working on one of the broadest topic possible: supporting AGP in achieving its goal of agricultural intensification. I cannot express how much I have learned over the years. Starting as a nutrient management expert I broadened my expertise to agricultural innovation in its broadest sense. Even more important were the lessons I learned in the field. Farmers showing their happiness and gratefulness for the project, but also expressing their concerns and bottlenecks. On paper things may look easy, but being there in the fields, really taught me about farmers perceptions, adaptation and adoption processes. CASCAPE has contributed to agricultural development in many ways. The result I am most proud of is that the project has a set a change in motion. Our stakeholders now look different to innovation, integration and scaling. Thanks to great colleagues and friends we have made it so far. And it will continue, but largely without me. It was a difficult decision, but from November 1, 2016 I will step out of CASCAPE to work for SoilCares (www.soilcares.com). I will remain with Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) for one day per week to support the food security group and to develop collaborations between Wageningen University & Research and SoilCares. Thank you all, for the wonderful times we shared, for the lessons we learned and the trust you had in the project. Please keep in touch!

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The CASCAPE project is a joint effort of Ethiopia and The Netherlands to improve agricultural productivity in Ethiopia. CASCAPE is executed in close cooperation with the Agricultural Growth Programme (AGP) of the Ethiopian government.

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